List of mods we use for Arma 3.

Web-site is not optimized yet. We are working on it as time is available.
We are old to Arma in all it's forms but we are new to the clan hosting aspect.
Why 2 links to the squad? Some like the old school way and some like the Arma way.
Use any you chose but keep in mind the Arma way is in beta and has been for years.
That does not mean we don't have a private server up and running right now. Yes, it's an Arma 3 server
The password to our clan server is on the squad list, it's hidden but not that well. Good luck.
You made it this far so just be nice and we will help you out any way we can. Don't destroy what
is not yours to destroy.
TS3 server is now running at
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