Buckle up, it's a long ride. It's not over yet!

2021 is looking better so far!

Coronavirus (COVID-19)!

Here is some information and links to help you and your family stay safe.
Who knows when this will be over. Who knows if this will even end.
I've not updated this page in a long time; there is no reason to yet.
Do not go to the beach or congregate yet, I don't understand why people would do this.
I have provided links too CDC, WHO, and MSN. I hope you find
and use the information that you seek. We need to stay safe and healthy, not just for us.
I would find and use the information that is available on how to best take care
of your health and those around you. The links that I have provided are mostly for the USA
but may contain links for the rest of the world. The YouTube link below is to entertain you
and take your mind off of things. Mental health is also
very important so take care of that aspect of our new way of life as well.
I hope we can all pull through this and not loss too many people along the way.
Never give up hope that a cure is coming, or at lest a way to fight it.
Really good video about the last days of the Dinosaurs. Free Documentary
Mel "the voice man" Blanc documentary on youtube

Local Covid-19 stats. Updated hourly or so.
Google search link for Coronavirus-COVID-19
World Health Organization
World Health Organization Pandemic
CDC Coronavirus - About
CDC Coronavirus, COVID-19
USA-CDC COVID-19 Symptoms
worldmeters.inf world matrix